Moving home is simple with HOMEZE! Set up your residential bills & services in one place using any device, anytime, anywhere!

What is HOMEZE Video

HOMEZE: Built for the digital generation!

Setting up utilities & services at your new pad can be confusing and really boring…use HOMEZE to manage the details for you!

HOMEZE is your personal move-in assistant: you can order the services you want with a few taps using any device, anywhere, anytime!

Why use HOMEZE?

  • Completely free online service for students!
  • Stress free and easy to use dashboard – access anytime, anywhere on any device;
  • Student friendly deals from Ireland’s leading energy and media suppliers;
  • Save (a lot!) of time, hassle & money when moving into or out of a rental property;
  • No more lengthy phone calls to service providers;
  • No need to supply MPRN numbers to electricity suppliers (we provide all this disgusting info for you!);
  • Eliminate the risk of being disconnected & paying re-connection fees!
  • Dedicated customer support from The HOMEZE Crew;
  • Completely free online service!

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Is there a catch?

Nope, no funny business. This is a completely free online service that will significantly reduces the admin hassle when moving into your new home! Create your free account here and enjoy the hassle-free move-in experience!

Are there any costs?

Nope. Never was, never is, never will be.

What if I don’t know my move-in date or property yet?

No worries! Simply provide us with your name, email address and an approximate move-in date. You can update your account at anytime and we’ll also contact you closer to your estimated move-in date. In the meantime, we will keep you up to date with the latest offers and updates that students can avail of in HOMEZE! You can get started by clicking here

What if I do know my move-in date and property details?

Great! Let’s not waste any more time. Simply provide us with your property details here and we will send you the HOMEZE welcome email where you can login and avail of all the exclusive deals and energy and media offers straight away!

How does HOMEZE work?

When you provide us with your basic property info, we will identify all of the services and best packages that are specifically available at your property. We will then send you your HOMEZE welcome where you can get setup in three simple steps: 1. Login; 2. Choose a service or package; 3. Confirm payment. If you don’t have a rental property arranged yet, you can still sign up for helpful advice on finding a rental property and advice when moving!

Will I have a choice of suppliers?

Of course! We work with Ireland’s major residential service suppliers to bring you choice and transparency. HOMEZE provides you with the information you need to make an informed decisions that suit your budget and requirements. We’ve secured some really cool student friendly services!

Do I need to download any software?

There are no software or installation requirements. It couldn’t be easier, HOMEZE is just a secure online community so all you need are your login details.

Who is Property Button?

I thought I was signing up to HOMEZE? Don’t worry, you are. HOMEZE is a service offered by Property Button. Property Button work with Ireland’s leading Letting and Estate Agents to help get their tenants set up with their residential utilities and services. We just thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we could bring our services to the consumer market? And that’s when HOMEZE was born.

Are we compliant with data-protection laws?

Yes. Property Button are fully compliant with Irish, UK and European Data Protection law.

What do you do with the property and tenant information?

We only ever act on consent and only use the provided data for its intended purposes.

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