Property Button is delighted to announce over 2,000 Tenant Profiles are now live within a few weeks of launching its new service, ‘Moving’.

“Your service is a great way to better the experience for tenants, estate agents and landlords. Keep up the great work!”

– tenant who created a Tenant Profile

Many agents speak about the empathy they have for the high number of good tenants who are desperate to find a home. As a tenant looking for a property to rent today in Ireland, you apply for the very few rentals on Daft or MyHome and join a pool of 300+ applicants – how are you supposed to prove that you are the right person for the property or even get noticed? Now, when you apply for a property you will be prompted to complete a profile that sets you apart from the crowd.

Like LinkedIn, tenants are finding the more they add to their profile, the more they get out of it. Create and update a profile once, and share your public profile link with agents. Find out where you are ranked in the application list for each property and track it in your watchlist. Accept viewings and offers. Take the hassle out of moving by finding out what services are available at your new property and set up gas, electricity, broadband, TV, phone and bin services at the click of a button – all ahead of moving day! It’s finally giving Tenants the chance to establish themselves and prove their credentials.


Estate Agents who are using the service, already described as “panadol for estate agents”, are finally able to control the influx of enquiries in an orderly manner. Find the perfect tenant for your property through filters on your dashboard and move tenants into properties faster, while providing a high-quality customer experience to all. A customer experience that is in real-time and suited to the demands of the digital generation.

If you are an Estate Agent and would like to find out more, arrange a demo today by clicking on the button below: