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Established in 2012, Property Button is an award winning Software As A Service (SAAS) company within the property industry. We offer all property professional’s simple cloud-based solutions that streamline the workflows with their clients and their tenants.

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We just launched HOMEZE for students!

HOMEZE is a free web based app that enables students to setup all of their residential utilities in one place at the touch of a button.
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Over one thousand customers in the UK & Ireland use Property Buttons services to manage their tasks relating to over 42,000 properties, 143,000 products and €60m of revenue per annum.

Property Button has grown at a sustained rate every month over the last five years.

Our Vision
Our Mission

Our vision is to maximize the occupancy of residential properties and in doing so, reduce homelessness and provide a better experience for all.

Our mission is to provide property professionals with simple digital solutions that will help automate and streamline their everyday tasks.

Our Services

Since establishing in 2012, our offering have grown from a simple utility management service for letting agents, to a range of simple digital tools that assist property professionals complete the necessary tasks to progress a property through its life-cycle.

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Positive, optimistic and happy


Genuine, sincere, straight talking and candid


Competent, capable and proficient


Reliable and responsible


Sociable, open and easy to talk to

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Paddy O’Farrell

CTO & Co-Owner

Jim Urell

CEO & Co-Owner

John Caffrey

VP of Product Development

Gavin Teehan

Sales Director

Andrew Sheehan

Marketing Manager

Rob MacTighearnain

Head of Finance

Mark O’Sullivan

Senior Operations Manager

Keesa O’Dea

Marketing Executive

Thamara Fonseca

Senior Account Manager

Tomasz Piechota

Front End Lead

Ian Walsh

MIA Team Lead


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