You can now control your energy and hot water remotely from your mobile phone or any smart device with a smart meter. A smart meter is cleverer than a standard meter. It calculates exactly how much energy you use and transmits the information directly to the energy supplier. The government wants all Irish homes to be fitted with a smart reader by 2020. No need to heat an empty home or come back to a cold one. Finally we can stay warm in our homes every minute of Winter. Here are 6 cool features of smart energy homes:

1. Energy Efficiency

Not only does smart energy help you heat your home when you need to, but it will also help you save on energy. Hive energy helps you save over €120 per year.

2. Check how much energy you are using

View the temperature inside your home from your mobile and how it has changed over time, day, week, month, or even year.

3. Set schedules

Set different schedules per day. Change the schedules depending on how cosy you were the night before, and get the temperature and timing just right!

4. Geolocation

Your energy activation can be scheduled by your location and can be activated depending on how close you are to your home.

5. Estimated readings

Never pay an estimation of your bill ever again! The exact energy consumption will be logged to your smart reading on your phone.

6. Control all energy outlets

Each outlet can be activated from your smart energy app, including any plugs, your broadband, and alarm.

Although installation is expensive, it will save you in the long run. Find out how much Bord Gais charges for smart meter installation prices here.

Use HOMEZE to browse all gas and electricity offers specifically available at your property from all of Ireland’s leading providers.