After-Sale Customer Service – Regain Control of Your Business:

An exceptional after-sale customer service has become even more fundamental, particularly with the advancement of the digital age in an already competitive market. Today, purchasers and vendors go online to read reviews before considering a transaction, and it’s those Estate Agents that are seen to make the difference that will prevail.

Who would you call first?

After-sale customer service

Estate agents now find themselves going above and beyond for their clients, on top of all other tasks, to avoid getting bad reviews online – for the world to see! Mismanagement of customer service could result in a loss of future revenue for the agency.

The Odds Are Against You

The sale of a property is known to be stressful for vendors and purchasers. Buying a home is usually the single largest financial decision of a person’s life, and the transaction can often be a very lengthy process. Consumers and vendors are emotionally attached, if anything goes wrong, it’s personal. The risk of negative feedback is high when you take into consideration feelings; the size of investment; and the duration of the transaction.

There are some restrictive dynamics at play in the property market right now, including a shortage of properties and increasing prices. These factors have an impact on incoming revenue for an estate agent. The ability to manage your vendors’ expectations while meeting your purchasers’ needs (and budget!) is an art. However, if not handled correctly, this can lead to a poor customer experience and a lasting memory.

Research shows that “whether an event is pleasurable or aversive seems to be a critical determinant of the accuracy with which the event is remembered, with negative events being remembered in greater detail than positive ones.” Also, research by Zendesk/Dimensional research shows that a poor after-sale customer service is more likely to be shared then good customer service.


After-sale customer service

Often, providing exceptional after-sale customer experience comes at an added cost to businesses. As the old saying goes: ‘when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’. But what if there was another way to improve your customer service experience while also generating a new on-going revenue stream at no expense to you or your clients?

The Challenge for Estate Agents Today

One of Ireland’s largest and most reputable Estate Agents came to us with a challenge. They noticed that the time between sale agreed and the sale closed was too long with conveyancing and other reasons that they had no control over. Because of this, purchasers and sometimes Vendors were left frustrated with the process. Acknowledging the service we offered Letting Agents, they asked us to help on the sales side of their business.

What our clients had identified was that their purchasers were arriving to collect keys and 9 times out of 10 they were still frustrated with the service despite everything our clients had done to assist. After a long conveyancing process, and with nothing to offer, their purchaser simply collected the keys and left. This was not a good finish to the sale process and was seriously damaging the agency’s reputation and Net Promoter Score.

Our Solution: An After-Sales Customer Service with Property Button

Property Button listened. We developed an after-sales customer service solution for Estate Agents by acting as your clients’ move-in assistants. Through Property Button, you can now offer your clients a hassle-free move-in experience by assisting them with opening and closing all their residential services at zero cost or hassle to your purchasers or vendors.

A simple process for a simple solution


We identify what residential services are specifically available at the property, send your clients log in details to their personal HomeZe account where they can choose all the residential services they need from any device, anywhere, anytime. Their HomeZe account will be branded with your agency’s logo’s so that there is a seamless customer journey for your clients.

We also offer a complete customer support service to all your clients on a one-to-one basis. The technology is simple to use, and there is live chat and telephone support when needed.

A New Stream of Revenue for You

Our after-sales customer service solution is entirely free for Estate Agents to avail of. For every customer or vendor who sets up a service through us, you will earn revenue. The average estate agent earns €40 per property through the service. If a company sells ten properties a month, that’s €5000 a year you could make from using our service! Potentially enough to cover your annual advertising budget.

Reduce Hassle, Reduce Costs

We obtain all utility details including MPRN, GPRN, and UAN numbers of the property and upload them to your clients’ HomeZe account. Property Button saves you time – avoid tracking property utility numbers or researching services on your clients’ behalf. Have total comfort knowing that once a sale is closed, Property Button will take care of your clients on your behalf. With Property Button’s service to Estate Agents, you can keep focused on closing your next sale and growing your business.

In Conclusion…

Customer service is critical in today’s competitive market and the sharing economy. Great service pays because it creates loyal clients who want to share this sales experience with friends and family, who in turn may become your clients. Property Button can help to improve the service that an estate agent delivers. Build a reputable sound business through the quality of the service you provide. A service that your customers will remember you for. The lasting memory you will leave with your clients will not be forgotten.

Next steps…

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