With 44% of people looking for properties online first when purchasing a property, property photography is becoming an integral part of every estate agent’s business strategy. Three key photography trends emerging in the property industry are 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Tours, Drone Photography, and Virtual Staging. Whether you are an estate agent, letting agent or property professional, keeping up to date with these trends can positively impact your property business. Find out how below:

1. 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Tours

3D VR is a collection of images that allows you to interactively tour a property inside and outside with a 360-degree view. This is radically changing the real estate property photography market as potential customers can view a property as if they are really there, from anywhere in the world. With 95% of home buyers searching properties online, this concept is proving to be a successful medium for property managers to market and showcase properties.

Estate agents are using tools like Matterport to offer potential customers an intuitive experience that allows them to view and interact with 3D tours from their devices. The tool provides feedback and analysis on the aspects customers are focusing on. This provides a clear insight into the customer’s interests.

2. Drone Photography

Another popular property photography trend among real estate agents is drone technology, also known as the Flying Robot. This technology displays an aerial view of a property and allows customers to experience a viewing like never before. In the past, it was quite tricky for estate agents to show aerial images and videos of larger properties. But now with this affordable property photography tool, you can create fantastic video tours for your customers. This can be particularly worthwhile for larger properties as it allows you to showcase the entire estate. This enables you to capture views of magnificent gardens and amenities and to experience the beautiful surroundings and or get a feel for the neighborhood.

High-quality drone videography can help to display the standard of a property and is becoming more common as a form of photography. There are over 8,000 drones registered with Irish Aviation Authority. We can expect this technology to be used more and more in the real estate market in coming time. 83% of buyers find professional property photography a beneficial deciding factor at the time of buying a property.

3. Virtual Staging

Before, staging for estate agents meant calling a furniture company to decorate a home with furniture. This was used to give the property a more homely look, provide better professional photography and often resulted in the property selling for a higher price. Now, this process is far easier and cheaper for property photographers with virtual staging software. You can impose images of furnishings to make the property more appealing to customers, without them knowing the difference between imposed and real-life furniture. It is vital for property professionals to use this software. 45% of people say if the property is decorated as per the purchaser’s taste, it can have a positive influence on the value of the property.


As Ireland continues to build a reputation as Europe’s technology leader, and attracts homebuyers and investors from overseas, opportunities to sell Irish properties online increases. Properties with professional photography get 61% more views. If your not yet convinced any of the above is worth the investment, test it out with one to see if it affects the level of applications or the overall price.

Selling Irish properties abroad?

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