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Property Button provides a complete outsourcing service when it comes to installing, and managing the bills associated with, electricity, gas and media installation for each unit at your new development.


How Property Button Can Help Developers

How it works:

Property Button work with residential property developers to ensure:

  1. Every unit is registered with Ireland’s leading retail electricity, gas and media supplier: with zero euro bills for the developer (regardless of usage!).
  2. One or more broadband Internet, TV and phone service providers are wired into every unit during the build stage: with zero capital costs for ducting, manholes, wiring etc for the developer (and a per unit payment to the developer!).
  3. Property Button consolidate all empty unit electricity and gas bills on one PDF / paper group bill;
  4. Use our simple-to-use portal to view existing group bills, add/subtract units at any time, source historical bills and raise queries with your dedicated account manager;
  5. Property Button work with your estate agent to manage the set-up of all services in the new owner’s name
  6. All bills are transferred into the new owners names with correct reads, saving the developer from accidentally paying the new owners bills


  1. Accelerated unit sales;
  2. Reduced hassle associated with utility and broadband bills and installation;
  3. Administrative costs savings of up to 60%;
  4. One dedicated account manager for all of your bill and network installation queries;
  5. Free service with no commitment

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