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Helping your clients move home!

Ensure a hassle free move-in experience you’ll be remembered for

How Property Button can help estate agents

Property Button provides a very unique and valuable service to estate agents by acting as your vendors and purchasers move-in assistants. In such a competitive market, you need to offer clients value outside of the norm. By using our service, we assist your clients with:

  • Helping them move all of their belongings
  • Opening and closing energy and media accounts with Ireland’s & UK’s leading brands
  • Arranging home and content insurance
  • Bin collection and much more

Benefits of using Property Button

Competitive Advantage

This value added service will give you the competitive edge you need in an extremely competitive market

Improve Customer Service

Dramatically improve how your clients (including their friends and family) remember their experience with you

Earn Commission

We pay you commission for every vendor and purchaser we help setup at their new home

Reduced Admin

We will fetch all property related data so you or your clients don’t have to

No Cost, No Hassle

This is a completely free service!

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How it works


Is there a catch?

Nope, no funny business. All it takes to begin using our Estate Agent service is your email address and a few other pieces of information. You will have full access to our portal where you can inform us of what vendors & purchasers you would like us to assist with. Use anytime, cancel anytime.

When and how do I get paid my commission?

We pay you a commission every month, two months in arrears for every vendor & purchaser we assist.

How do Property Button make money?

Property Button are the largest channel to market for the major gas, electricity and media suppliers in the UK & Ireland who pay us a flat fee for providing the service to our wonderful agents.

Are there any added costs to my clients?

Nope. Never was, never is, never will be.

How can this help vendors and not just purchasers?

We will transfer the names on the vendors bills so that they never accidentally pay for bills in the new purchasers name. We will also assist the vendor when they have found their new dream property. Nice touch!

Do I need to download any software?

There are no software or installation requirements. It couldn’t be easier, Property Button is an online service and so all you need is your login details.

Do I need training?

Our portal is very user friendly but Property Button will guide you through the process every step of the way, and even complete your first few switches with you!

Will my clients have a choice of supplier?

Of course! The tenant can choose any supplier and service they want, Property Button will give the tenant the information needed to make an informed decision that suits their needs.

Are we compliant with data-protection laws?

Yes Property Button are fully compliant with Irish, UK, European Data Protection law.

What do you do with the property and client information?

We only ever act on consent and only use the provided purchase or vendor data for its intended purposes. We will never sell to third parties!

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