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Digitally streamline each task at the move-in and move-out stage of a rental property’s life-cycle resulting in less costs, less admin hassle, a new revenue stream, fewer delays and a better experience for all!

How Property Button Can Help Letting Agents

  • Maximize occupancy

  • Eliminate paperwork

  • Boost reputation

  • Increase efficiency

  • Simple cloud-based technology

  • Designed for residential and commercial properties

Introducing PropDocs:

We were the first company in Ireland to take an agents tasks online back in 2012. We continuously strive to improve our service to ensure continuous value for our agents.

Our latest release, PropDocs, removes all paper. Documents are generated, sent and signed electronically, such as a lease and inventory list. Tenants can sign at any time on any device.

We have revolutionised how a letting agent sets up a new tenancy!

How it works:

  • Once the lease has been signed electronically, Property Button will be notified;
  • An email is sent to the tenant prompting them to set up an account to digitally set up the best utility and media services available at the property;
  • Property Button switch the account names on all new and existing bills at the property;
  • As a thank you, Property Button pay you a commission on every service the tenant purchases

Benefits included with your account

  • Send an unlimited amount of property documents for electronic signature each month

  • Significantly reduce your administration costs by reducing paper, postage and manual delays

  • Store all documents securely and provide a complete digital audit trail for each property

  • Generate a new ongoing revenue stream from the commission we pay you and your staff

  • Track the status of tasks that must be complete in order to occupy an empty property

  • Reduce all associated hassle of sourcing property data and moving tenants in and out

  • Avail of our complete deposit management service

Send a lease for electronic signature in seconds!

Maximising property occupancy with our single integrated solution


Is there a catch?

Nope, no funny business. All it takes to begin using our PropDocs feature is your email address and a few other pieces of information outlined above and you’ll enjoy FULL access for a month. Use anytime, cancel anytime.

Are there any limits?

After a free month of full access, you can decide if you would like to continue using the service for a monthly subscription of just £20. You can also decide to pay up-front for a full year subscription at a 25% reduced rate. There will never be any cancellation fees.

When and how do I get paid my commission?

We pay you a commission every month, two months in arrears.

How do Property Button make money?

Property Button are the largest channel to market for the major gas, electricity and media suppliers in the UK & Ireland who pay us for providing the service to our wonderful agents.

Do I need training?

Our portal is very user friendly but Property Button will guide you through the process over the phone.

Will the tenant have a choice of supplier?

Of course! The tenant can choose any supplier and service they want, Property Button will give the tenant the information needed to make an informed decision that suits their needs.

Are we compliant with data-protection laws?

Yes Property Button are fully compliant with Irish, UK, European Data Protection law.

What do you do with the property and tenant information?

We only ever act on consent and only use the provided tenant data for its intended purposes. We will never sell to third parties!

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