For some property managers, Halloween can be more ‘tricks’ than ‘treats’…  

While for many, Halloween is all about carved-out pumpkins, dressing up and eating lots of sweets, it’s also a time of year when Property Managers should take stock of the facilities and properties they manage to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

Here’s a list of some of the things that property managers can address in order to ensure Halloween goes off without any drama:

Safety tips for property managers this Halloween

  • Check smoke alarms: Smoke alarms require very little maintenance but property managers should ensure they operate when needed. The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government recommend testing once a week and wipe for dust every six months. Candles, lanterns and flammable decorations come with a heightened risk of fire so better to be safe then sorry.
  • Recommend flameless candles: Speaking of candles, why not recommend the use of flameless candles to your tenants this year? Perhaps you can even provide flameless candles to your tenants. They could pick theirs up in a common area of the complex if they’d like and you would earn serious brownie points!
  • Remind renters of fire and other emergency procedures: Be sure to educate and re-educate residents on evacuation situations, mark emergency exists and fire-safe stairwells, check all fire extinguishers and 999 call plans. Always keep residents updated on emergency plans. Sometimes a simple email, notice or phone call can save a life(s).
  • Keep walking paths well-lit (and clean): To keep properties safe for trick-or-treaters, property managers should make an extra effort to not only remove anything a trick-or-treater could trip over. Garden hoses, fallen leaves and other debris should be removed. Walking paths, parking lots and common areas should also be well lit and tidy.
  • Keep pets indoors: Pets, unusual situations and crazy children typically don’t mix. Therefore, it’s best to play things safe. Property managers should advice renters to keep their pets inside of their home during busy trick-or-treat periods. In doing so, residents, children, parents and Fluffy the Chihuahua avoid any potential risks and stay safe from harm over the weekend.
  • Test door locks and electric gates: For every treat, there is always the potential for a trick…particularly if your renters are handing out monkey nuts this year! With this in mind, we recommend that property managers and renters test their door locks and electric gates and ensure they are still working as they should. An Garda Siochana provide helpful advice on how to prevent burglary’s  over the Autumn and winter months.
  • Have property rules clearly visible to renters: With so many Halloween parties (and with silly season on the horizon), it’s worth freshening up old notices and notice boards so that everyone is on the same page. We recommend that property managers use these resources to their advantage and promote updated info and clearly printed rules.