Radio 1 presenter, Boucher-Hayes, spoke with a member of the public who is seeking a rental and was requested to pay a bribe by 30% of the landlords and letting agents she dealt with. Letting agent spokesperson, Pat Stephenson, reminded listeners that the agents who have taken the bribes could have their licenses revoked or be subject to fines of €25,000 per agency.

Listen to the full recording here:

It is a complete breach of government legislation to take a bribe from any tenant. Prove you are not one of the 3 in 10 who would take a bribe by showing a full audit trail of your selection process – ‘Moving’ was built to help letting agents show transparency and prove fair game in the tenant selection process.

‘Moving’ is a completely free service for letting agents and tenants. Work with your teammates from the one dashboard. Keep up to date with what stages each property is at, what your colleagues are working on, internal notes and external communication to your customers.

‘Moving’ centralises communication and documents a full audit trail from application to tenancy through to move out. It allows you to be fully compliant with GDPR & data protection and provides you with access to secured tenant profile data, including verified tenancy & employment references for the limited time you need it.

So far the 2,000+ tenants who have signed up for the service are delighted with the transparency, communication and efficiency the service allows letting agents provide. Find out more about ‘Moving’ here