There is a pervasive underlying fear that software, the cloud and robotics will be the undoing of humankind. As conventional thinking goes, computers will become smarter than the organic variety and terrible things will happen….

In reality, however, it’s much more likely that Property Tech isn’t going to destroy us — or even take our jobs. In fact, it’s very likely going to help us do our jobs better. Think about that for a moment. The idea that cloud-based property tools could help us work smarter is not nearly as sexy as the notion of property robots taking over Earth — but it was a much more realistic view of property technology in 2016.

While it may seem like every software engineer in Silicon Valley is trying to create the perfect algorithm to replace human workers, many, like Property Button, are simply trying to find ways to make you a better property professional by combining the power of the computer with your industry knowledge and creative working brains.

The fact that we are thinking and talking about it is fantastic though. When you consider everyone in the music industry completely ignored downloadable music until it was too late and only those that recognized that it was a real thing were those that used it to their advantage and survived.

“Our goal with our cloud-based solution is not to make super humans, it’s to make humans super.” While that might be a clever marketing turn of phrase, Property Button CEO, Jim Urell, insists the company is focusing on solving real business problems with modern solutions — finding ways to simplify the complex.

To that end, we at Property Button look at three concrete approaches to our simple cloud-based technology: We want to improve business processes by making them easier and more intelligent; provide a more effective way for agents and landlords to interact with cloud-based technology to allow them to take maximum advantage of its capabilities; and finally, we want to help surface unstructured processes, data and tasks in a streamlined way – a problem many estate agents have been working on for decades.

The thinking behind Property Tech and property related software is that we can’t possibly keep track of all the tasks and factors out there that could be having an impact on an a property’s sale or rental — and that’s where technology can help. Combining our knowledge, experience and relationship capabilities as agents with the speed, efficiency and processing capabilities of technology allows for a very powerful combination indeed!

Take our latest cloud-based feature, PropDocs. For a monthly subscription of just €40 per agency, each agent can send an unlimited amount of property related documents for electronic signature, upload and store documents in one place, track the tasks needed to speed up a rental properties rental cycle and renew tenancies at the touch of a button.

Once leases are signed, Property Button will switch the utility accounts between tenants (or between tenants and landlords) thereby removing the hassle and time spent in Letting Agents doing so. In addition, when the electronic lease triggers a new tenancy, Property Button have a digitally streamlined process of setting tenants up with all their utility and media needs at the new property AND we pay the relevant agent commission in doing so.

By allowing our simple cloud-based technology to remove all the hassle of the mundane tasks of setting up a new tenancy, all you need are the social interactions that are needed to close a sale and create new business.

While things often tend to move more slowly in technology than many of us think, cloud-based technology is a trend that should progress much more rapidly as the market continues to demand more digitally streamlined (simpler!) processes. As this happens, it’s important to keep in mind, the goals of this approach are designed to help you work more efficiently and intelligently — not to remove you from the equation.

If you want to learn more about how Property Button’s cloud-based solution, PropDocs, can benefit you and your business call us at any time. We’ll be happy to offer you an all inclusive free trial with no commitments.