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Step 1: Sign up to HOMEZE 

 Whether you’re still looking or settling in to your new pad, sign up to HOMEZE for a smoother move

Haven’t found a property yet?

The HOMEZE Crew will provide helpful property search tips & moving advice. When you have a place sorted, use HOMEZE to get set-up and settled in!

Found a property but haven’t moved in yet?

The HOMEZE Crew will provide helpful moving tips & hints for a smooth move. Set-up all your home services just before moving in at the touch of a button.

The lucky ducks that are settling in! 

Log in to your HOMEZE account and set-up all your utilities at the touch of a button! Enjoy all the student friendly packages we’ve sourced for you!

Step 2: Log in

Sign in to set-up your energy, tv and broadband services. All services specifically available at your property will be displayed so you won’t have to waste any time or effort doing the research yourself. Also view and access all your property details in one simple place, anytime, anywhere on any device.

Step 3: Choose your services

Simply choose the services and packages that meet your needs and budget! We work with multiple utility & media suppliers thus guaranteeing you choice and transparency. The HOMEZE crew is available every step of the way.

Step 4: Confirmation

Simply confirm the services you want at the touch of a button. You’ll have a complete online history of your order to ensure no mistakes or screw ups!

Visit our HOMEZE FAQ page for more information and FAQ’s!