Property Button are proud to announce the upcoming launch of our new customer support functionality: Support Amplified.

Introducing Support Amplified

As of October 2017, our wonderful letting and estate agents will have full access to our new customer support functionality: Support Amplified. By including our customers in every aspect of design, we are confident that Support Amplified will save our customers more time, keep them constantly informed and further simplify their day.

About Support Amplified

Simply put, Support Amplified is just honest support from dependable people in a very practical way. It will enable letting and estate agents to: create, view, track, update, close and re-open support cases in one place. Support amplified will completely streamline, and simplify, how our customers interact with our friendly support team.

Support Amplified: features and functionality

With so many day-to-day tasks and issues to manage, our customers will enjoy full visibility into how our customer support team are taking care of the support they need. With support amplified, our customers will have less to worry about during their busy day. Here’s how:

Case creation functionality

We have made it so easy to open a support case for our customers. Simply select from a list of common case reasons and, just as you would for an email, populate the case with a subject and case description. Customers should no longer feel the need to provide us with information regarding the case number, switch number, MPRN, GPRN or property address with our switch-to-case functionality.

Choose to respond to an open case by email or within the portal itself. Our customer will also have the option to upload any relevant documentation to support the case, such as: an image, copy of a bill or a tenant consent form for every case they open.

Switch-to-case functionality

Customers can now open a case against a specific switch to landlord, tenant and purchaser. In doing so, our customers have full transparency into the status and history of each of their switch queries from current and past employees. We wanted to bring an element of self-serve to our customer support so that agents could quickly access previous and existing case solutions.

With the switch-to-case functionality, our customers have full visibility into our workflows and interactions with third parties such as Gas Networks Ireland, ESB networks and our energy and media partners.

Support Amplified dashbaord

Your support dashboard will provide a full overview of each case including case number, description, status, date/time created and all case correspondence. We have given our customers the power to decide when a case is closed and the option to re-open previously closed cases.

As all cases are assigned a unique case number, our customers will never have to duplicate work by having to provide us with case reason or information again. 

We built Support Amplified to build better relationships with our customers. So much so that we included our customers in the design and implementation of our new support feature. We recognised the need to put more structure around the support our customers needed and also to improve the transparency, visibility and workflows of our support so that together we could turn interactions into lasting relationships. CEO, Jim Urell.

All of our customers will have access to Support Amplified by the end of October ’17 but please get in touch for a quick demo and preview of your new support dashboard. We would absolutely love to hear your feedback!

In the meantime, our customer support agents are still available by phone, email and live chat when you need them.