The latest buyer survey from Knight Frank has revealed that a superfast broadband connection or good mobile connection are becoming essentials for would-be property purchasers and tenants.

According to the survey, 61.4% of respondents said good internet connectivity and phone signal was important to them when moving house. So what does mean for you as a letting agent, estate agent or property manager? Well, in an age of Wi-Fi, tablets, streaming and serious competition…this could be the difference between making a profit or a loss!

It’s really not surprising that fast and reliable internet access are a necessity among movers and the more you can assist them in their quest the better to a faster, more connected home, the better.

“Technology improvements, including fast, reliable internet have meant that working from home is a viable option for many, potentially cutting down on both commuting time and costs. This is likely to be particularly relevant for buyers in more rural property markets,” he continued.

Property Button offer estate agents, and all property professionals, with a simple streamlined service that assists them when switching new tenants / landlords between properties. By creating an account on our website, agents get full access to our cloud-based software. The agent simply inputs the new tenant and property information to our portal at which point we are notified about a new tenancy. They can also create and send all property related documents for electronic signature.

Once a lease and Tenant Consent Form has been electronically signed, we then ensure that the new tenant is contacted at their convenience and taken through each energy, gas and media option available at their new property. As a major channel to market for all of the major service providers, we receive a commission for this service. In turn, we then pay a percentage of this to agents as a token of our appreciation.

By automating and digitizing the entire process for agents, we cut out all of the hassle of switching utility bills and accounts between landlords and tenants. By setting a tenant up a new property for their media needs we provide a simple value added service to the landlord and tenant which ultimately boosts the agent’s reputation and improves efficiency which utlimately helps to maximise the occupancy of their property portfolio.

Results from Knight Franks survey also showed that 47% of people would be more likely to purchase and rent a property with good internet connectivity. In today’s fast world, new tenants and existing landlords have come to expect this connectivity as part of the overall service received from estate agents.

Life quality

In addition, the survey also found that quality of life was the top motivating factor for property buyers, followed by up or downsizing. 30% of those questioned said that their preferred location for their next home is in a city. 25% of respondents said they were looking in a village, while 19% preferred the country.

Security and privacy were unsurprisingly the most important considerations when buying a new property.

Oliver Knight concluded by saying:

‘The wholesale reforms to stamp duty announced in December 2014, and subsequent introduction of a 3% surcharge for individuals purchasing additional properties, have succeeded in making buyers more price sensitive, and this has been factored in to asking prices and offers.’

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