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Since establishing in 2012, Property Button have helped market leading property professionals to gain the competitive edge needed to meet the new demands of a digitally demanding market.

Our simple cloud-based solutions provides greater efficiency, robust reporting, new revenue streams and a better experience for their tenants and homeowners.

We manage the hassle so you don’t have to.

  • Maximize Occupancy

  • Eliminate Paperwork

  • Boost Reputation

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Secure Audit Trail

  • New Ongoing Revenue Stream

Simple cloud-based property management technology that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device

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Our simple digital tools produce results

1. Reduce Costs

Significantly reduce administration costs and manage your time more effectively

2. Maximize Occupancy

Reduce the time it takes to move people into new properties by an average of 37%

3. Boost Reputation

Offer your clients a streamlined experience using our cloud-based solution and ensure repeat business!

4. New revenue stream

Generate a new on-going revenue stream using our cloud-based solution

5. Customer Satisfaction

Our customer support satisfaction rating stands at 98% and we’re damn proud of it!

 Our customers and trusted partners

Some Words From Our Clients

Property Button make the whole experience of setting up a new tenancy easy and for me that’s the essence of business, making the experience easy for the customer and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Regina Mangan. Owner, Bookaroom

I would be very happy to recommend Property Button, they are an excellent company, similar with us in the quality of service they provide to customers and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Patrick Burke. Director of Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings

I would be very happy to recommend Property Button, they are an excellent company, similar with us in the quality of service they provide to customers and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Patrick Burke. Director of Sherry Fitzgerald Lettings

Property Button make the whole experience of setting up a new tenancy easy and for me that’s the essence of business, making the experience easy for the customer and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Regina Mangan. Owner, Bookaroom

Our Support Options


Simple customer support dashboard

Tenant & homeowner support available

Fully trained agents to help you and your clients

Simple-to-use technology

View all the transactions on your property portfolio

MPRN, GPRN and address look-up technology

Mobile friendly technology



UK: 01613334493 / NI: 02890950060
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for telephone support.


UK: 01613852034 / NI: 02890950061
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for telephone support.


Submit a support query using by emailing




We’re available on live chat at all times between 9am and 5:30pm

How Property Button Benefits You

Providing estate agents, tenants, landlords and field workers direct access to our property management software.

Online software that you can access anywhere


Simple online SaaS based platform that can be accessed anytime


References and proof of occupancy available online and searchable 24/7

Audit Trail

Full audit trail available and fully compliant with ROI, UK and EU regulation


The way you want it: telephone, email, live chat, video chat


Complete suite of reports available, including property inspection reports

Meter Management

Correct MPANs, MPRNs and EPCs located for you


Our tenant portal – HomeHub – lists all leading utility services available


Mobile App to keep connected, when out and about

Dispute Management

We resolve all utility and deposit disputes, quickly and directly


Electricity and gas accounts set up and closed for tenants and landlords

Full e-tenancy Docs

No postage, printing or lost documents. Electronic renewal notice issued in advance


Property Button currently does not carry out commercial switchovers. We continually review this internally and it may change in the future, however, due to the manual process and lack of control by Property Button with the commercial departments of the suppliers we are not comfortable with the level of service we are forced to offer.

In order to help with your commercial switchover please contact one of the suppliers below.

Bord Gais Energy



SSE Airtricity



Electric Ireland


Our service is compliant with Data Protection, Commission for Energy Regulation and the Property Services Regulatory Authority regulations of Ireland.
Gas and electricity readings go out of date after 3 days. Therefore the account may be set up on estimated reads which can cause the wrong closing bill from the previous account holder.
If the switch is a change of tenancy, 99% of the time it will be approved within 3 days. When there is a change of supply the switch can take up to 3 weeks.
Opening a tenant’s account on estimated reads can cause the landlord/previous tenants closing bill to have the wrong usage and be charged incorrectly from the supplier.
Property Button can backdate accounts as long as the switch goes to the same supplier. To request a backdate of an account, create a case on the relevant switchover or email our support team to advise that you need the account backdated and we can ensure that the switch will be sent to the correct supplier and backdated.
We are always adding exciting new services for Property Button clients. Currently, Property Button manages gas, electricity, bins, insurance, broadband and television and BERs. After an agent registers the utility switch they receive a completed PRTB form.
We can place the account into the landlord or new tenant’s name. Once the account has been established, we can organise an appointment for a technician to visit the property and reconnect the gas/ electricity. ESB and Gas Networks Ireland require someone to be onsite with access to the property for all reconnections.
Upload your transfer on Propetybutton.ie. All new transfers are processed within 24 hours. If a switch needs to be processed quickly; contact the Property Button operations team on 01-9696091. We will ensure the switch is prioritised and contact the suppliers directly.
Yes, our sales team can organise a group account for you. A PDF bill will be sent detailing all the properties registered to that account. This will cut down on time spent cross checking direct debits and bills.
Any issues with opening or closing reads will be quickly resolved by our customer care team. Where possible, please provide an image of the meter on the day the read was taken. This will aid the team in resolving all issues as quickly as possible.
All commission payments are paid out 60 days in arrears. This is because the suppliers pay out commissions every 2 months. The supply must stay with a supplier for 90 days in order to receive commissions. Suppliers will not pay commission on any account which closes prior to the 90 day requirement. A reverse invoice will be provided several days before the commissions are paid. Please contact the Property Button operations team with any queries regarding commission statements. You can view commissions you are owed on ‘My Switchovers’ tab when you log in.
We’ve all heard the ads at the moment for various discounts for electricity and gas. However, most of these plans are not suitable for tenants and landlords as they require a commitment of 12 or 24 months – with a hefty penalty for breaking the agreement early. We’ve simplified things by agreeing with the suppliers that tenants and landlords registered will get the following benefits:
  • No Deposit – provided they sign up for Direct Debit and level payment
  • No Contract Term – the tenant is free to switch to another provider at any time
  • No Exit Penalties – the tenant will not be charged for changing the supply away from their chosen supplier

No problem, complete the transfer to new tenant as normal, please include a note stating the type of meter at the property i.e. standard Electric Ireland card / prepaid meter or Prepay Power or Pinergy meter. Property Button will manage the rest and send agent and tenant deactivation codes for the meter.

No, under the current rules, the debt remains with the person who was named on the account, not the property. It is the utilities responsibility to chase the previous tenant to repay the debt. The agent simply registers the landlord / new tenant at the property. To complete the transfer to the new tenant Property Button might be required, by the utility, to provide a copy of the lease with both the new tenant’s and the landlord’s signature; proving that it is in fact a new tenant moving in.
Ensure all fields with a read astrix (*) are filled in and make sure there are no spaces in the phone number field. If you are experiencing any further issues; contact the operations team on 01-9696091.
Try clearing the cookies on your internet browser. If you still cannot login contact our operations team on 01-9696091 and they will reset your password.
If you have not yet received a confirmation email please check your ‘my switchovers’ page on Propertybutton.ie. If the transfer is marked returned to letting agent this means the Property Button team need more information to complete the transfer. When a switch is returned to letting agent the team will contact you directly, by phone and email, with specifics on what information is required to complete the transfer
All transfers that come into Property Button are processed within 8 business hours. Once the transfer has been processed it takes 16 business hours to receive approval from the supplier.

You should receive all confirmation emails within 3 working days.

Yes, the customer care team can find MPRN and GPRN’s for you; once a meter number is provided. Property Button’s recommended best practise is to take a picture of the property’s gas and electricity meters. This keeps a record of all reads, dates and meter numbers.
You can email support@propertybutton.io or call our customer care team on 01-9696091.
Yes, Bord Gais Energy and SSE Airtricity will accept tenant and landlord transfers with no bank details.
All service providers who offer the services tenants and landlords require i.e. the best price with the maximum flexibility. In our experience tenants / landlords are not interested in 1 or 2 year deals with exit penalties. The exit penalties are higher than the incremental savings. Tenants / landlords want cost-effective solutions with a no hassle sign-up and the flexibility to move supplier.
There are no contracts, no deposits and no exit fees with any Property Button switches. This is a fully flexible, hassle free service.
You can register for an account by calling our office on (01) 969 6091. The Property Button support team will show you how to use the system and will guide you through your first few transfers.
While the tenant is signing the lease, the agent requests the tenant to complete the utility consent form. The tenant selects the utility providers they prefer and signs the form. The agent then uploads the signed form at https://propertybutton.io. The Property Button team process the transfer and email confirmation to the agents and the tenant. NB the landlord account at the property is closed by Property Button; once the tenant account has been approved
Property Button is quicker, easier and more dependable than calling / emailing the utilities directly AND we pay commission.

For a Letting Agent, the customer is actually the Landlord, not the tenant. It is the Letting Agent’s responsibility to ensure that the utilities are signed up in the tenant’s name (as per the lease). There have been too many instances of utility supplies remaining in Landlords names (or even previous tenants names), and these can be troublesome to sort out. Property Button can help to eliminate this problem.

When tenants sign up directly with an energy supplier they will be signed in to a contract. Property Button have an agreement with suppliers that all tenants and landlords will be signed up to no contract, no minimum term, no exit fee.

Property Button will then find the best deal available for TV broadband home phone and bins for the tenant that is available in the area. Property Button will ensure instillation happens quicker than ordering direct.

Any data or information sent through Property Button is securely encrypted and is carried and treated in full compliance with the Data Protection Laws of the UK and Ireland.

Property Button is a registered Data Controller in both the UK and Ireland under the relevant Data Protection Acts.

All communications through the Property Button website are carried via an SSL encrypted communications link, using the most recent version of SSL standards. The Property Button SSL is certified via an accredited Certificate provider.

Property button does have a fee to sign up to the service but rather than charging you, the first 20 products that are submitted you will not earn commission for. This will offset the signup fee.
Tenants have the choice of three providers, Bord Gais Energy, SSE Airtricity and Electric Ireland.
NB If the supply at the property needs to be backdated, the tenant will need to sign up the current supplier and they can then change if they want to.

Button 3 will display current meter date & time, unit rates and number of units used.


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